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Cashier Location


    All payments and expenditures fall under the scope of the Cashier Section’s responsibilities. The Cashier Section is working to improve its administrative efficacy and service quality in order to facilitate and simplify relevant processes. The Section’s internal management focuses on its system of internal control and emphasizes strict adherence to existing systems and procedures in order to create an outstanding environment for administrative management.

    The Cashier Section consists of a section chief and three staffs.

    Scope of the Cashier Section’s operation includes:

   I. Issuing of receipts for various payments collected.

   II. Various payments – T/T, giro, checks.

   III. Allowance management.

   IV. Income and expenses of TUT’s subordinate units, including the training beauty salon,

        training hotel, training restaurant, kindergarten, transportation, cultural innovation


   V. Custody of cash, checks, passbooks.

   VI. Disbursement of wages and deduction of various fees.

   VII. Disbursement of scholarships, stipends and hourly pays.

   VIII. Collection and refund of students’ tuition/miscellaneous fees.

   IX. Declaration of personal income and income tax and relevant registrations.

   X. Verifying accounts with banks.

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